Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lambton College 50th Anniversary Legacy

By Dana Sorensen 

Students in the digital photography program photographed Lambton College’s 50th anniversary on April 5, 2017. Over the course of the week prior to the anniversary, the students worked tirelessly preparing for the ceremony, especially Christina Watts who organized the events’ photographers for the most part. The day went flawlessly with everyone participating in the school’s event. We also welcomed our program graduates and asked all of them to help photograph the day’s festivities.

During the day we all worked to get images taken of the volunteers hard at work. I was based at Canatara park, where students helped clean up the animal farm by spreading sand across the pens, shucking hay, planting, spreading mulch and various other tasks. Wilber the pig decided to help out while the photographers were there. One of the care takers decided they wanted an image with the students working and Wilber. However, Wilber didn’t want any part of it, even when they threw apples towards the students to coax him over there.

Lambton’s 50th anniversary is known as the “Legacy Project”: students went all across Lambton county and helped plant trees for the community. The college planted 50 trees at the main location in Sarnia, Ontario by the water front. The College also placed a statue at the water front with the trees surrounding it. The photographers for this event worked extremely hard to prepare for the event by planning out who would go where, and what they would shoot. The 50th anniversary is very important because Lambton college is the second oldest college in Ontario after Centennial College, this was also because Lambton College wanted to say thank you to the community that has supported the college for so long.

The college also placed ten trees at ten different locations including: Sarnia, Brooke-Alvinston, Dawn Euphemia, Enniskillen, Lambton Shores, Oil Springs, Petrolia, Point Edward, Plympton-Wyoming, St. Clair, Warwick, Humane Society, Canatara (Animal farm and Carriage House), Community Living, Vision Nursing Home, Hub, Holy Trinity and Lansdowne School, and Fire School.


The photography students all played a part in different locations Athena, 

Katie, Franky, Jesse, David (Sarnia Location), Bryce, Kazuki (Brook-Alvinston), Nikki, Theresa (Dawn Euphemia), Adam, Kirsten (Ennkiskillen), John, Shawna (Lambton Shores), Mike, Mary (Oil Springs), Tanis, Olivia (Petrolia), Sarah, Lisa (Point Edward), Elizabeth, Scott (Plympton-Wyoming), Autumn, Maggie (St. Clair), Christina (Warwick), Erin, Hailey, Devon (Humane Society), Dana, Richard, Jeff (Canatara/Animal Farm/ Carriage House), Jessica, Lorraine (Community Living), Nicole, Josh, Els (Vision Nursing Home), Andrea, Bisi (Hub), Teresa (Holy Trinity and Lansdowne School), and Gina (Fire School). 

With everyone who participated the day flew by with ease. After the shoots were done we went to the school studio and edited the images for the history books. The day was wonderful with many entertaining events such as music and games. Followed by a bbq and fun events. The day was a success and the students all learnt so much from the experience. Happy 50th Lambton College!



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