Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Finish Line

By Nikki Gee

We are about a month away from the finish line. Our recent assignments have produced some awesome end pieces produced. Some of my classmates have been printing for their galleries that are within the next few weeks. We must host a gallery with our photos that we have taken over the past year and a half. As the time starts to fly by as we near the end, assignments, galleries and volunteer experiences are coming to a close. It is a sad but victorious time for us all.

The latest assignment “friends in the shadows” has produced some really interesting views on people, everyday scenes and objects.  Below are two of the photos that I have taken for this assignment. The first one with the hand shadows across the face is called “Held by shadows”. I had Dana hold her arms and hands up against the lights on each side. The second photo is a shadow hand grabbing Dana as she looks like a scared child. This one is called “Shadows in the curtains”. This photo had the middle fingers drawn in, in Photoshop and then liquefied (contorted) into creepy fingers that look like they are reaching down and grabbing Dana.

Held by Shadows (Lambton College. Sarnia, On)- by Nikki Gee

Shadows in the Curtains(Lambton College. Sarnia, On)-  - by Nikki Gee

In our second year we are learning how to use darkness, shadows and other bad lighting in situations to give us a great photo. Our one previous assignment that I have talked about in a previous personal blog post on the “Sh***y Lighting was an example and the photos that came out in the end were so different and pleasing to see that even with bad light you can create some great pieces. In first year we would not have known how to use this type of lighting to our advantage and make it fit into our photos.

The photo below with the lit up chair was all done in camera and if you look closely there are stars in the sky. This was all done with a 30 second exposure in the camera and what is called light painting. Light painting is where you set a long exposure and paint over the objects and areas with light of your choice. I plan on using these techniques in the future for other assignments and also add it to my photography categories.
V.I.P lit (Canatara Park/Beach, Sarnia, On)- by Nikki Gee

We have about 6 assignments left to do in Design and style. The next one is a mosaic assignment where we are to create a mosaic with our photos and have them create a photo. This is also an assignment where our Photoshop skills come into effect and we create more depth into a photo.

Well that is all for today. You can check out my personal blogs that are upcoming next week to see the mosaics and what they will turn out like.

Nikki  G.

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