Saturday, March 25, 2017

"In the House" Challenge

By Nicole Bowes and Dave Chidley

Raspal Singh discusses the next shot with model Morgan.  Photo by Nicole Bowles
The challenge was simple, we were told to arrive at a decorated show-home, create three great images of a model in a short thirty minutes, edit, enhance and submit those images directly after the shoot. 

A simple but stressful exercise called the “In the House” challenge.

It is really a stressful test, with us needing to quickly look over the house for good props, backgrounds, light, and creative potential.  We meet models we have never seen before, Sebastian and Morgan from Anita Norris Model Management Inc.

Seth Myers works quickly to set up lights in a tights space as model Sebastian looks on.  Photo by Nicole Bowles
Gina Roberson creates an image with model Morgan.  Photo by Nicole Bowles

It was a test to put our skills and confidence to the test and make good photos in a very short time-frame and most every member of the class was very nervous.  That certainly was a key part of the experience, to learn how to do the job and create good images under stress.

It was a rewarding experience with most of the students being happy with the images they created. 

Mike L'heurux frames Sebastian with lighting bounce assistance by classmate Atena Abdolrazagh, Photo by Nicole Bowles

Bryce Ottewell work with model Sebastian.  Photo by Nicole Bowles
Christina Watts reviews her images as Jesse Martens shoots video of the exercise.  Photo by Nicole Bowles

Some of the Images Created by the second year students "In the House."

Photo by Nicole Bowles
Photo by Erin Percival
Photo by Erin Percival
Photo by Elizabeth Hunt
Photo by John Seo

Photo by Mike L'heurux
Photo by Bryce Ottewell
Photo by Gina Roberston
Photo by Dana Sorensen
Photo by Christina Watts

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