Saturday, October 15, 2016

Liberty Beat

Editor's note: The second-year Lambton College Digital Photography students are on a five-day work study visit to New York City.  Follow our daily blog about the adventure.  Each day, two students will share their thoughts on the experience.  Please join us as we experience New York City.

Day 2 by Dana Sorensen and  Nikki Gee

Eager to make our way into Manhattan we hit the road bright and early.   We began our journey on day 2 travelling to Bryant Park.  During our visit to the park we came across a beautiful fountain and ping pong players, and then carried on to The International Center of Photography! While at The International Center of Photography, we toured the traditional photographic dark rooms. We “time warped” into the first dark room, which was for black and white only. After the black and white darkroom, we moved into the colour darkroom: here we learned that the chemicals are more dangerous and you avoid comiing in contact with them.  Instead a processing machine conveys the photographic papers through the chemicals for the prints and develops the photographic print.

We then traveled to The ICP Museum (International Center of Photography Museum). The Museum / Gallery was filled with images pulled from the internet and displayed as art. The Exhibition "Public, Private, Secret" is debut show at the new Museum location.  The Exhibition contained graphic and interesting images and films created by various artists. It showed a lot of what happens in the world based on what “real” people see daily.  We viewed the Exhibition on a private tour that led to much discussion about the work.   After our tour we had lunch at Whole Foods Market where all the food looked like it was freshly picked. 

The journey then took us to Battery Park, where we boarded the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. It moved very rapidly as we all crossed, and we enjoyed a wonderful photographic sightseeing experience on the journey. Next on the list was The Brooklyn Bridge. Fresh mango wtht chilli sauce was a great snack as we journeyed across capturing the beautiful sights as far as the eye could see. The paths were extremely busy and a few students were almost hit by speeding bicyclists as they tried to capture the moments. At the end of the crossing, we went down to the water’s edge between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges where night time photography took place: a beautiful sight looking back at NYC and seeing the city come to life with lights. A long day ended with dinner at the place of our choice.

The day was full of great times and laughs all around with the group. We all enjoyed the entertainment on the subway with local singers and drummers. The sights, sounds and people of NYC are an experience that has been a great one.
Walking to the beat on the subway, New York City. Photo by Nikki Gee
Students being serenaded on subway ride by talented street artist, New York City Photo by Dana Sorensen
Students make a quick pit stop at the Grand Central Station, New York City Photo by Dana Sorensen

Roxanne capturing a moment by the fountain at Bryant Park, New York City. Photo by Nikki Gee
Students Eric and Elizabeth are intrigued by one of the many exhibits on display at the ICP, New York City
Photo by Nikki Gee
Digital Photography students “Time warp” to the dark room at ICP (International Center of Photography) New York City. Photo by Nikki Gee
One of the exhibits featuring Donald Trump at the ICP Museum, New York City. Photo by Nikki Gee
Seth watches and listens to a multi-media show at the ICP Museum.  Photo by Dave Chidley
Viewing the "Public, Private, Secret" Exhibition on a tour at the ICP Museum.  Photo by Dave Chidley
Viewing the "Public, Private, Secret" Exhibition at the ICP Museum.  Photo by Dave Chidley
Dana striking a pose at the Statue of Liberty Staten Island, New York   Photo by Nikki Gee
The Statue of Liberty against cloudy skies,  Photo by Dave Chidley
Many leading lines on the Brooklyn Bridge, as we walk across while the sun sets.  Photo by Dave Chidley
Elizabeth and Seth capture the sunset upon the Brooklyn Bridge, New York Photo by Dana Sorensen
A Ferry heads out into the bay between two tall masts, as viewed from the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Dave Chidley
The setting sun reflects off of a building behind Seth as he composes a shot from the Brooklyn Bridge, Photo by Dave Chidley
Night falls on Day 2 of our journey as we photograph the Brooklyn Bridge from the DUMBO area, along the water.  Photo by Dave Chidley

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