Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

One of the most stressful times for our students is the annual year-end Image Challenge judging.   Our first year students submit four of their best images, while the second year students select five for judging.

Students sit quietly as the Image Challenge judging takes place in our studio.

The panel of judges brought diverse backgrounds and many decades of experience as image experts

Our veteran photojournalist Glenn Ogilvie has worked at several papers and is a fixture in Sarnia, having worked here for many, many years!

Leonard Segall is another Sarnia giant in the photo world.  Seagall is the chairman of the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts and on the executive of the Sarnia Photographic Club.

Faculty member Dave Chidley places an image for the judging panel.
The newest member of the panel is Brandon VandeCaveye, of Brandon David Photography in London.  His experience as a commercial, sports, wedding and editorial photographer brought a diverse skill set to the panel.

For over six hours the trio evaluated, scored and gave constructive critiques of our students' work.  The comments and their reaction were very often extremely positive and the feedback was appreciated by the many students, graduates and prospective students who sat quietly listening for hours.

The competition would not take place without dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who gave graciously of their time for our student's benefit.  In a word, THANKS!

After a long morning, the coffee delivery was a welcome sight.  All photos by Mack Feltz
Faculty Richard Beland presents a preview of a category as our judges l-r Brandon VandeCaveye, Leonard Segall and Glenn Ogilvie get their first look at the images, Faculty Petro Tiahur tabulates results in the background.  Photo by Mack Feltz
Faculty Richard Beland makes a point during a long day of judging. Photo by Mack Feltz
It was a long day for of panel of judges, Brandon VandeCaveye, Leonard Segall and Glenn Ogilvie but their efforts are certainly appreciated!  Thanks. Photo by Mack Feltz

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