Sunday, March 13, 2016

Part of a Team

Faculty, Dave Chidley tries to be a winner.
By Teresa Perry

College.  There are so many different thoughts and concerns when you think about that word.  Am I in the right career path?  Will I be able to keep up?  Will I make friends?  What if I can’t keep a good GPA?  What if I fail and many more.  One question I asked myself, as a mature student going to college for the first time was “am I good enough?”  School started and the instructors made it so easy to transition into the swing of school and homework again that that thought was no longer a worry.
School is a place to find yourself and there are so many faculty who are there to help, lead and guide you along the way.  All of our instructors have an open door policy; meaning whenever you need help you can stop by their office.  If they are busy at that exact moment you can send them an email message to get your question answered.   
Program Coordinator Richard Beland keeps a watchful eye on Jim Teeple.
The wonderful team of instructors in the Digital Photography program are there every step of the way to support and cheer you on.  As long as you make an effort to be in class, catch up if you do miss and do the best that you can do they will be there for you.  Academically, all the instructors need to be there for you but outside of school there are no obligations.  Halfway through last term I lost my father, as well as a loss at the beginning of the term and each had a major impact on me.  Just when I thought that I couldn’t give anymore the instructors showed me I had more to give and more to learn.   They showed me compassion, empathy and sympathy.

Student Dave Beaton shows Faculty John Densky the video set up he is using.
I often found myself in class frustrated and ready to give up, trying to hide my tears. At theses times I would be pulled aside at break or after class and asked if I’m okay or if I needed to talk which gave me such a sense of relief knowing the instructors cared.  I had daily check-ins with the instructors to see how I was doing mentally and was offered counseling assistance to be set up for me as well. 
Faculty Petro Tiahur reviews an image with student Emily Hussey

This course wouldn’t be what it is without every single one of the instructors that run it.  They are what truly make this course amazing; they bring all of their work experience and knowledge to the classroom along with their personal touch and compassion.    From first term fear to field study trips and right till the end, these instructors care.  They make you want to care and be as passionate about photography as they are.  You can’t help but want to continue and do great with such an amazing team pushing and cheering you on.  Being in this course has made me realize how much of a family we have become.

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