Thursday, March 31, 2016

Exhibition Time!

As our semester starts to wind down, the Lambton College photography students are ramping up their final projects.  One exciting assignment for our second-year students is for them to produce their own gallery show.  They must create, print, frame, and exhibit their photographic work in a public space.

Most of our students' exhibitions will be opening in Sarnia on the night of Art: "First Friday" this week, Apr. 1st, 2016.

There have been countless hours of preparation for this night. 

We invite you all to please come out and see the amazing work that our students have created.  Here is the most up to date list of the openings.

Lambton Digital Photography, second-year students' Gallery Opening night events:

April 1st -Bayside Mall 150 Christina St N. Food court area  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Larryl Ybanez, Jodi Tamminga, Sidney Fletcher, David Beaton, Taryn Lutz, Alexa Manser, Devon Groombridge, Emily Hussey, Sarah Scheible, and Maygin Codling

April 1st -Lawrence House Centre for the Arts, 127 Christina St. S.
Teresa Louise Perry and Mack Feltz from 6:00-9:00

-Rebekah Harding, "Excursion - Photographic Exhibition" at Junior Baker 165 Lochiel St.
Apr. 1st 5:00-9:00  Viewing Tues.-Sat. 10:00-3:00

Several students are having shows out-of-town, and two, one by Joanne Johnson (in the Lambton College Library) and one by Kendal Turner in Amherstburg have already had very successful showings!

A few updates are still to come, but please join us for First Friday!

Talking Bodies

 -  A Photographic Investigation of Body Image - Come join the conversation at the Bayside Mall, 150 Christina St. Sarnia, Ontario   Exhibition by Dave Beaton

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Johanne Johnson's exhibition in the Lambton College Library
Kendal Turner at her exhibition "A Walk Through the Park"

A few more Posters for additional Exhibitions!

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