Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Best of the Best

Editor's note: The second-year Lambton College Digital Photography students are on a five-day work study visit to New York City.  Follow our daily blog about the adventure.  Each day, two students will share their thoughts on the experience.  Please join us as we experience New York City.

We are home, safe and sound and really sore.  We averaged 16,000-17,000 steps every day.  We left early and stayed out late.  Edited our images into the wee hours and were up early, cheerful every morning, ok so that's a bit of a stretch.

The NYC trip was full of unique and challenging life experiences that we will take with us as we move on into our professional lives.

Today we left it up to our students to pick the images by supplying us with one of their favourite photographs from our trip.  So here is the Best from our Best.

This is Sarah’s Favorite photo because she was holding her hands up so her friend could take the picture and quickly captured that moment.  Girl’s hands shaped like a heart. Photo taken on Top of the Rock.  (Sarah Scheible/ Lambton College)

This picture was taken while in Highline Park, it’s my favorite because it is the most colorful and vibrant depiction of what New York City is. NYC is a busy, colorful, entertainingly beautiful city, full of art, high rises, people, and greenery, just like this photograph.

Street art as seen from Highline Park in New York City, New York on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015. (Andrea Ochoa-Pineda / Lambton College

This is Teresa’s favorite photo because I love the contrast in the sky as it looks like it is 
about to engulf New York City.
The first drops of rain start to fall near the first support of the Brooklyn Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, Friday, Oct. 9, 2015. (Teresa Perry / Lambton College)

Street mural on brick wall in Asbury Park Beach, New Jersey. Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015
(Colette Hagley/ Lambton College)

This is my favourite photograph because of the decisive moment I’ve captured. I also like what emotions this photograph gives you. (Larryl Ybanez / Lambton College)

This is Jodi Tamminga favourite photo because "it captures an aspect of New York that we don't see too often. We always see photos of all the main tourist attractions, but never of the simple little things that happen. This photo captures a simple moment, that many people can relate to."
Looking over the shoulder of an artist painting a local musician on the HighLine Park, New York City.  Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015.   (Jodi Tamminga/ Lambton College)

This is a Photo by Devon Groombridge and is her Favorite from the entire trip because "I captured it just before the storm hit while on the Brooklyn Bridge. It makes the viewer feel as if they were in the image."
Capturing the gloomy sky of New York City while on the Brooklyn Bridge.
(Devon Groombridge/ Lambton College)

This is Kendal Turner’s favorite photo because of the overuse of lines all over the image. She loves the repetition in the photo and how your eyes follow the staircase. 
Looking down a staircase in a New York City, Museum.
(Kendal Turner/ Lambton College)
This is not my favorite photo, but a close runner up. My favorite photo was inappropriate for the blog. I like this photo because it fills the frame and immerses the viewer in the urban metropolis that is New York City.  ( Dave Beaton / Lambton College)

This is a Photo by Mack Feltz, it is favorite photo because of the way the light is shining on the subject making him glow and really pop, He looks like a man that is just riding on top of the World.
Man wearing a suit alongside traffic, in NYC. (Mack Feltz/ Lambton College)

The reason I chose this image is because of the raw emotion and how it shows the true feeling that we all felt while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in the pouring rain. (Alexa Manser / Lambton College)

The San Remo Tenants' Corporation Building overlooks Central Park in New York City, NY on Sunday, October 11th 2015.  (Photo by Mike DiCarlo)

This is Neko Guo’s most favorite of the trip because she likes the contrast between the yellow taxi and the sign. Photo taken in New York City of a yellow taxi, with a Broadway musical advertisement for Aladdin.   (Neko Guo/ Lambton College)

I picked this photo as one of my favourites because of how the little boys face is framed in the bubble and when I was watching him play in Central Park he was so happy.  This photo brings me back to the moment.  Little boy chasing the bubbles in Central Park, New York, October 11, 2015 (Sidney Fletcher, Digital Photography)

I really enjoy this picture because of how much it can hit home to someone.
When I look at this picture I think of how hard it must be losing someone, it actually reminds me of my grandfather and how his sprit lives on. 
This image shows only one candle lit, and that one candle shows much impact. ( Victoria Zoldy / Lambton College )

I like this one because it is so simple and the contrast / dynamic tonal range, is very dramatic. I looked up one day and there it was!  The photo is also balanced with the 3 buildings so your eye wanders in a circle.  ( Emily Hussey / Lambton College)

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  1. I have really been enjoying the blog. Thank you! The photographs are amazing...I am seeing many new faces of New York.


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