Friday, October 9, 2015

New York City Inspiration, Day 1

Editor's note: The second-year Lambton College Digital Photography students are on a five-day work study visit to New York City.  Follow our daily blog about the adventure.  Each day, two students will share their thoughts on the experience.  Please join us as we experience New York City.            

By David Beaton and Mike DiCarlo

We arrived at Detroit Metro Airport just before dawn; however, the anticipation of the upcoming flight to New York made up for every minute of lost sleep.  Our one and a half hour flight left plenty of time during the day to embark on our journey.  We then arrived at LaGuardia Airport and picked up our Transit Passes for the week, quickly realizing that these were a necessity.  We already rode the Subway 8 times on the first day, equating to roughly $24 of the initial $30 paid for the pass.  We arrived at the hotel, geared up and headed for the ICP (School of the International Center of Photography)  

Our first trip on the NYC subway. Photo by David Beaton

From the ICP we headed to Chinatown to meet with Steve Simon, who is a New York city based and internationally recognized documentary photographer, educator and author of five photography books. Our entire group couldn’t help but aspire to emulate his attitude and personality.  He immediately began imparting the knowledge of his past experiences and useful insights acquired through years in the field.  Our group gave Simon enthusiastic and undivided attention as we soaked up the information like sponges.  He helped our entire group set up a new and more effective technique of focusing and exposing images which will benefit us not only during the rest of our trip in New York, but for the rest of our photographic careers.  His imparted knowledge and approach to photography filled us with yet more inspiration as we travelled on to the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA).

With the inspiration gathered throughout the day, many of us used the MoMA to not only absorb more artistic influence but to also use the space to practice our own newly inspired photographic techniques while travelling throughout exhibits.  The rich diversity of art displayed at the MoMA further fuelled photographic and artistic inspirations that we had already been accumulating throughout our trip and our time at Lambton College.  We took the time to roam the museum at our own free will investigated our own artistic interests and at last met up at a quarter to six beneath the Rockefeller Building.

We spent the final hours of the evening atop the iconic Rockefeller Center (The Top of the Rock).  The Rock offered us one of the best 360-degree views of the New York skyline, where we were yet again able to utilize learned skills and techniques to create unique views of an otherwise heavily photographed subject.  We had the opportunity of photographing the sunset from a striking perspective and also encountering a handful of other unique experiences (a German Choir and wedding proposal).  We had a quick bite to eat at the bottom of the Rockefeller Building before heading back to the hotel through the ever-surprising subway system.  

We’re all looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.  Catch you then.

Emily Hussey stands next to ICP Alumni images in the school's gallery. Photo by David Beaton
A hallway gallery of powerful photojournalism images on display at the ICP. Photo by David Beaton
Lambton Digital Photography students viewing images from the School of The International Centre of Photography Alumni exhibit.  Photo by David Beaton 
The ICP school attracts photographers from around the world. Photo by David Beaton 
 Acrobatic performers pose after their athletic display on a NYC subway car. Photo by David Beaton
Our first group shot of the trip, with our special guest photographer Steve Simon (in centre) who welcomed us to NYC and introduced us to some of his "street photography" approach and techniques. Photo by David Beaton
A class room in NYC park with guest presenter Steve Simon.  Photo by David Beaton
Steve Simon author of the acclaimed photography book, -The Passionate Photographer poses after conducting a NYC park Workshop with our Lambton College photography students.  Photo by David Beaton
The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA in NYC.  Photo by David Beaton
The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA in NYC.  Photo by David Beaton
A perfect evening for the Top of the Rock at sunset.  Photo by David Beaton
Water Tanks and roof tops, on a perfect evening for a Top of the Rock photo-shoot at sunset.  Photo by David Beaton
Central Park and the upper West Side of Manhattan on a perfect evening for a Top of the Rock photo-shoot at sunset.  Photo by David Beaton

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