Monday, October 12, 2015

23,248 Steps, Day 4

Editor's note: The second-year Lambton College Digital Photography students are on a five-day work study visit to New York City.  Follow our daily blog about the adventure.  Each day, two students will share their thoughts on the experience.  Please join us as we experience New York City.            

By: Alexa Manser and Emily Hussey

Saturday the 10th was our free day. Some of us chose to sleep in while others, eager to take on another day in New York, rose early. One group went to The Strand book store located in the East Village of Manhattan, where New York City booklovers frequently visit with its 18 miles worth of books.  Another group went to the Hunger Games Exhibit where they explored the different costumes that were worn in the movies, as well as the different exhibits that showed how the films were brought to life.  A few chose to stay and relax at the Ramada by ordering pizza and recovering. Our group of eight followed Dave Chidley on a magical adventure across New York, taking us from Coney Island to Time Square and many places in between.

Dave enjoyed the classic Coney Island hot dog
while walking though the amusement park,
October 10, 2015
(Alexa Manser, Digital Photography)
We started the journey at 9:00 am and headed to the subway. After a 60-minute ride to Coney Island, we started on our way. First we entered the deserted theme park, walking through taking photographs, and learning new tips from Dave as we ventured. Next we moved on to the boardwalk where we partook in a classic Coney Island hotdog to get the energy we needed to continue on our way. We proceeded to wander around the attractions such as the carousel, the Thunderbolt roller coaster, and the sandy beaches, and all the while the birds whizzed by.

A quick subway ride led us back to the Brooklyn Bridge to get some non-poured on photos. As we walked through the streets of Brooklyn, we really got a feeling of community along the pathways because of the sheer number of people and different cultures that we interacted with. We were able to peak on two brides getting pre-wedding portraits, crowds looking out the water, boat loads of people coming and going from the ferries, and many line ups of people eagerly awaiting ice-cream and other delicious treats. While walking, we also discovered The Fence Gallery under the Brooklyn Bridge, which contains photos that ranged from Animal Feasts to Natural History Museum Portraits. While exploring Brooklyn, we came across a dancer and her dancing partner while they took photos for a portfolio. They graciously allowed us to snap some elegant shots along with them.

Next on our stop was China Town, where we found ourselves searching through markets with live music. We walked right into a Chinese festival complete with dancing dragons and booming, rhythmic drums. A parade ensued that brought all traffic to a halt. After finding Dave Beaton through the maze of people crowding the street for the parade, we ventured on.

With grumbling stomachs, we made it to Raj Mahal on 6th Street at approximately 7:00 pm. The smell of rich spices surrounds your nose and invites you in. The food was served family style as we passed around the bowls of different dishes. We left the room filled with many laughs and brought back with us many memorable moments that we will never forget. Thankfully, Naan of us were disappointed with our meal!

The night was concluded with a night stroll through Time Square. The space was bustling with tourists, and the group shot some night photography and soaked in the atmosphere. Getting home at around 10:30,  everyone was happy to see their beds to prepare for the wake up call at 08:30 to report to Chids and Ricardo for a day at Central Park B&H Photography, and our flight back home!

Cyclist rides along the boardwalk of Coney Island, October 10, 2015 (Alexa Manser, Digital Photography)

Panoramic view of Mack Feltz and Alexa Manser capturing the New York skyline and Brooklyn Bridge taken from Brooklyn, October 10, 2015 (Emily Hussey, Digital Photography)

A dancer posing at the pier by the Brooklyn Bridge, October 10, 2015 (Alexa Manser, Digital Photography)

Rebel Sidney Fletcher ignores the ‘do not enter sign’ (for the boat launch) to get a better angle on her shots, at the pier in Brooklyn, on October 10, 2015 (Emily Hussey, Digital Photography) 
A newspaper is left alone and forgotten on a bench after its reader was finished using it and throwing it away, October 10, 2015 (Alexa Manser, Digital Photography)

Snowboarder/skateboarder posed for photo in China Town sporting some killer tattoos, 
October 10, 2015 (Emily Hussey, Digital Photography)

Skateboarders record their newest tricks on the streets of China Town, October 10, 2015 
(Emily Hussey, Digital Photography)
SURPRISE PARADE! While walking through China Town, traffic was stopped and spectators got to enjoy the dragons dancing through the streets, October 10, 2015 (Alexa Manser, Digital Photography)

Bridge nestled in Canal Street, October 10, 2015 (Alexa Manser, Digital Photography) 

“A composition made in heaven,” says Dave Chidley. Woman poses in front of red matching bike and car on 2nd avenue, October 10, 2015 (Emily Hussey, Digital Photography)

A Carousel, a wedding, the Freedom Tower, The Brooklyn Bridge and Lambton Digital Photography, all in one shot! What a great day!

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