Thursday, April 9, 2015

A really Big Show…and MORE to come!

Second year student Jaime Babcock
Photo by Cheyann Howard
Imagine Imagery

As part of our Program, in the Portfolio Development class, second-year students are required to hold a public gallery showing of their work.  Most of the events are happening in the next week.  The first of the shows produced by Jamie Babcock was held March 6th.  It was such a success that Jamie is holding another show.
Please check the scheduled events below and come see some of the amazing work created by our Lambton College Students.

By Jamie Babcock

This month’s First Friday, March 6th, 2015, I experienced one of the greatest rewards of being a photographer and designer in Sarnia, Ontario.  The artistic scene in downtown Sarnia has grown a lot over the past few years, since First Friday was first introduced.  I have learned to appreciate it and decided to use it to my advantage this month. 

I started planning in December, 2014.  During February’s First Friday event, I went around downtown with a few close friends and made a night out of finding a venue to host my very first exhibition.  I went around to each place I could see fitting well with the images I wanted to showcase and I collected cards of venue owners who were interested in viewing my work.  Over the next week, I was lucky enough to get the venue located on Front St. in downtown Sarnia, On, Memorable Moments. 

Jamie's gallery show at Memorable Moments, Sarnia.
Then I was on the hunt for music.  I knew I didn’t want a D.J. (though the venue was large enough to accommodate one).  I wanted to go with a unique sound that was light and pleasing to all types of guests.  I came across a band called Catacomb Castaway.  I absolutely fell in love with their original songs and heard they did covers of popular music that I am a fan of, like ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver, and Kings of Leon.  I adored their sound and got in touch with them right away.  We exchanged working together for the advertisement, word of mouth, and enjoyment of the guests on First Friday.  It has since become a great friendship and I will be working with them on a music video by the end of this term. 

Catacomb Castaway, plays at gallery show.  
I had the venue, the band, and my final prints all coming together finally.  I decided to book a caterer and have some finger foods available for my guests.  Once I finished ordering frames and getting the food together, I started advertising.  I continued to bombard Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anyone I saw over the next few weeks about the upcoming First Friday show.  I was worried about filling the large venue.

About a week before my show, I got a call saying that there had been an issue with the venue and that I would have to downsize and switch to the smaller venue, Raw Symmetry next door.  At first this was something that seemed like bad news, but turned out to be good luck.  Well, it ended up turning out amazingly well.  What worked so great was that the space was smaller but accommodated all of my guests and because we weren’t downstairs, people from outside just walking by could see my work and were interested in taking a further look.  It ended up bringing in more people to the event. 

It was a lot of work, but then I got to enjoy the night.  It was mine.  I am proud to say that I sold 2 of my prints including the frames, and that I sold a few other prints as is.  The night was AMAZING!  One of the greatest things I have ever experienced.  Something I put together and accomplished all on my own.  I now have new friends, Catacomb Castaway.  Not only did I love the music that they put together but I appreciated how polite and respectful they were.  Everyone loved them.  Imagine Imagery was catered by Paresh Thakkar, who not only prepared more than I had paid for, but came to the show after another event he had catered just to see the exhibition.  

I felt amazed the entire night.  The compliments, the questions, the enthusiasm of others, and all for my very own accomplishments.  It was truly rewarding.  I can't wait to showcase again soon!  This is only the beginning of JnPhotography & Designs in Sarnia, Ontario.

Jamie's gallery show at Memorable Moments, Sarnia, March 6th, 2015

"Unmask me" Image compilation by Jamie Babcock 
"Fever Jam" by Jamie Babcock=
"Built Up" by Jamie Babcock
"Lone Fae" by Jamie Babcock
"Momentary Loss" by Jamie Babcock
"Out of the Shadows" by Jamie Babcock
"The Sky is the Limit" by Jamie Babcock

Student Gallery Show schedule:

Student                      Show                                       Date of Opening / Location / Time

-Bisi Alawode - What Matters Today                      -April 22nd, Stokes's Bay Grill & Bar Sarnia
                                                                                       485 Harbour Rd. 6:00-9:00

-Jamie Babcock - Insight                                          -May 1st-July 1st, Cheeky Monkey, Sarnia

-Paige Bertholds –Art of Dance                               -April 16th, 111 Chatham St. N. Blenheim Debbie McGonighle’s School of Dance 6:00-9:00

-Elizabeth Bosma –Pelee Parking Lot                     -April 10th, Lawrence House 127 Christina St. Sarnia.  6:00-9:00

-Jessica Dillon -Depleted                                          -April 13th, Bayside Brewery, 970 Ross Lane, Erieau 6:00-10:00

-Amber Doxtator –Creative Expression                  -April 10th, Blue Dog Coffee Roasters, 199 Brant Ave, Brantford 7:00-9:00

-Melissa Elliott – Rustic of the Ying and Yang        -April 11th, Strathroy United Church, 131 Front St. W. Strathroy

-Cheyann Howard –Children Portrait Gallery       -April 17th, Lambton Heritage Museum, 10035 Museum Road, Grand Bend, 5:00-8:30

-Lorraine Kraayenbrink - Solace                             -April 10th, Lawrence House 127 Christina St. Sarnia.  6:00-9:00 P.M.          

-Natali Bravo –                                                           -April 10th, DNA Studio, 141 Christina Street N. Sarnia, 6:00-11:00

-Raeven Ramirez                                                       -April 10th, DNA Studio, 141 Christina Street N. Sarnia, 6:00-11:00

…more to come, please check back!!

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