Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Spirit

Christmas With A Smile

Will Laroque, Jessica Dillon and Paige Bertholds lighten
up the studio.  Photo by Elizabeth Bosma
Christmas is a remarkable season, the atmosphere of love sharing and giving makes it one of the most memorable season of the year. As the end of the year approaches many families looks forward to it with eagerness of sharing love, reuniting with relatives and spending quality time together with loved ones. The shopping malls are abuzz, the streets are lighted, the weather is different and everyone beams with smile knowing the holiday is around the corner.

The culture of giving Christmas cards has evolved from just mere words to customized cards that sometimes is adorned with a beautiful family portrait. How beautiful is it to send loving and wonderful messages to people with a beautiful family portrait on the card.

On Saturday, November 29th 2014, we teamed up with Goodwill on Wellington Street Sarnia to photograph several families. Our mission was clear, to put a smile on people’s faces by making beautiful photographs and offering families quality prints all at no cost to them.

Student and faculty set up lights and a backdrop for the photography shoot.  Photo by Elizabeth Bosma

Will Laroque manages the digital workflow.  Photo by Oluwasegun Alawode

We arrived at Goodwill around 11am to set up our lights and backdrop with a team of enthusiastic photographers with the assistance of some faculty members, who with their expertise were inspired to put smiles on the people faces. We had our strategy all marked out and everyone was well aware of their responsibility so as to achieve an efficient workflow.

Smile! Photo by Oluwasegun Alawode
Different families started arriving at about noon, and we immediately set out with the task of the day. At the end of each session each family was provided with a CD of images and a few beautiful print. The joy on their faces as they received this print was priceless. 

We are glad that with our cameras we were able to make a worthy contribution in the Sarnia Lambton community in this Christmas season.
A team-effort to make it a special experience for everyone.  Photo by Elizabeth Bosma 

Smiles on both sides of the photography session. Photo by Oluwasegun Alawode

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