Saturday, December 27, 2014

Artistic Alchemy, The Lambton College Art Collective Exhibition

“Sarnia is a jewel in the crown of Ontario.” Chris Cook

Wine, hors d’ouvres, and an amazing sense of appreciation for the arts surrounded us as we strolled through the Lawrence House, November 5, for the opening Gala of the second annual arts exhibit, this year titled, Artistic Alchemy Exhibition.

Richard Beland Digital Photography Coordinator, said that when hearing the term ‘Works of Art’, the key word is work because so much time, effort, and emotion go into creating something that the artist can feel is worthy of showing off. There was an amazing array of ceramics, paintings, sketches, and numerous photos.

The winner of the President’s Award went to the very talented Katie Tremblay. Her art was described as not only thought provoking but also on the darker side. One could not help but feel a connection to her riveting work.

Chris Snedden poetically put, “Sarnia has it going on!” So many can agree that the Sarnia area contributes much to the community with the abundance of talent from many different facets. Art is so important these days. It helps us express who we are and to explore a new vision of the
world. “It is one of the biggest contributors and economic driving forces to Canada which brings in billion of dollars (yes with a ‘b’) per year.” Says Chris. We have to realize that art is not simply a visual gem but also an economic boost that involves us all. “This is an environment that nurtures potential, and that is the beauty of the Artistic Alchemy Exhibition”- Explains Chris.

Alastair MacKay, Michael Mansfield, and Brian Vickery with some very generous culinary
management student volunteers provided the hors d’ouvres which included duck, shrimp, rice
Lawrence House on opening night.
balls and more, all resting on a beautiful bed of fresh sprouts; they tasted as scrumptious as
they looked! Enjoying these delicacies was a great reminder that art is not limited to paper,
lenses, or clay but involves food as well!

With a grin, and a deafening applause, that could probably be heard blocks down the street,
Richard Beland made his way to the front of the crowd to thank many people who helped in making this amazing night a terrific success “Its not only a technical college but a college that has a number of applied Arts and we are lucky to have the Lawrence House support us in our creative expression-“- And, “…without making it sound like an award speech-“: I would first like to acknowledge, the Lawrence House for the space to hold this event, Megan O’Neil (founder of one tomato), Judith Morris (College President), Jessica and Mary for donating their Sunday to set up for this special event, Michael and Ryan for the wonderful food, and a very special thanks to Lois Nantais, the ‘force’ behind this event “-and we are indebted to you!” Richard added.
Diano Brainelli and his band.  Photo by David Beaton

The music was fantastic and added to the cultural atmosphere of the event. Diano Brainelli and his band performed excellently. Playing various jazz songs, including jazzed up versions of The Eagles and Pink Floyd! Many people threw away the feeling of embarrassment to dance to their favourite tunes!

The calibration of the music, culinary excellence, artistic pleasantries and brilliant hosts brought this night together and created a cultural experience at the Lawrence House. Many people would agree that the Gala Opening night and the Exhibit was a smash hit!

President's Award Winner Katie Tremblay and Lambton College President Judy Morris.  Photo by David Beaton=
Award winning photograph of NYC windows, by Katie Trembley. 
l-r Richard Beland (Digital Photography Coordinator, Judy Morris (Lambton College President), David Beaton (First Year student), Kaitlyn Eastman (Program Grad),  Photo by Oluwasegun "Bisi" Alawode
Event organizer Lois Nantais speaks at the opening Gala.  Photo by David Beaton
Richard Beland the Digital Photography program co-ordinator speaks during the gala.  Photo by David Beaton
Digital Photography faculty present, l-r Mark Russell, Lorrie Williams, Dave Chidley, Troy Shantz and Richard Beland.  Photo by Glenn Ogilvie / The Sarnia Journal
Nathena Lightheart admires her photograph on the wall.  Photo by Oluwasegun "Bisi" Alawode
Second year photos student, Oluwasegun "Bisi" Alawode and his wife Tito, who is also a Lambton College student enjoying the Gala opening night.   Photo by David Beaton
Some of the student work, hanging at the Lawrence House exhibition.   Photo by David Beaton
First year Digital Photography students enjoying the event, l-r:  Emily Hussey, Kendal Turner, Larryl Ybanez, Sidney Fletcher.   Photo by David Beaton
Alastair MacKay, of the Culinary Management program student volunteers provided the hors d’ouvres  for the Gala event.  Photo by David Beaton
The Culinary Management program volunteers provided the hors d’ouvres  for the Gala event. Photo by David Beaton
 Faculty, Troy Shantz and Mark Russell with Graduate Angelyn Smolders show off their style.  Photo by David Beaton

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