Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

By Laura McLean

First year digital photography students go all out for Halloween fun.

It all started with the Chicken! 

Our Friday morning class begins at 8:30 with Erica Kelly.  She’s a great instructor and always ready to join in some fun.  As a treat we got her a screaming rubber chicken. 
She loved it!  If anyone has Erica for English you know she loves games with sounds.  This particular morning we now have “Hubert” and with each screech someone has the answer to the question posted to the board.

This was just the start to our fun filled Halloween day.
Emily Hussey, Kendal Turner and Laura Mclean joined forces to set out in search for signatures on their hand crafted t-shirts.  Dressed as the popular social media icons, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook they searched the halls for willing facility and students.  Along the way they encountered others who were in the spirit too – Batman, SlenderMan, SuperMan, a spider, a guy with glowing eyes and a few more.

Besides these three, Sarah Scheible came 
dressedto impress in her favorite comic book 
hero, Captain America and Dave Chidley as the infamous Grey Card… ooohhhh, awwww.
The day was filled with fun!  A lot of sugar and treats were devoured.   A nice reprieve from our prior week where all our minds were set on whether or not we’d pass our midterms.

Holidays are going to be making a big appearance I’m beginning to think as there is talk about our class creating the 12 days of Christmas all with a photography theme.

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