Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When in New York, learn to Roam

Editor's note: The second-year Lambton College Digital Photography students are on a five-day work study visit to New York City.  Follow our daily blog about the adventure.  Each day two students will share their thoughts on the experience.  Please join us as we experience New York City.

 By Mellisa Elliott & Paige Bertholds

Nathena Lightheart, Raeven Ramirez and Jamie Babcock ask New York 
police officer directions on how to find a bus tour, October 5th 2014 
(Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography)
Today was our free day to go about and roam the city. Some went to B&H (the camera superstore) and Strand Book Store.

Others went and shopped on Canal Street, and explored Chinatown. Our day was spent using the Gray Line tour bus traveling along the Downtown Loop. First though, we had to stop and ask one of New York City’s finest how to find the tour bus.

After a quick chat with the officer, we were on our way to finding the busses, which really didn’t take that long. We soon found an employee from Gray Line and were able to get our tickets and shortly after were on the top of the bus.

From top of the bus on Wall Street looking down at the Bull 
while everyone gathers to get their picture with this landmark, October 5th 2014 
(Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography Blog)
The bus offers a different view of downtown Manhattan: it gave a different feel to the city than what we had been walking all over. With the bus, we were up higher, which allowed for a different perspective of the streets and buildings.

The tour bus took us around Manhattan, to the Empire State Building, the Flatiron building, Union Square shopping district, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, East Village, the World Trade Center, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the New York City Police Museum, as well as the Untied Nations Headquarters and the Rockefeller Center, and many more sites.

Local man plays erhu in Chinatown while man and child stop to 
listen, October 5th 2014 (Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography Blog)
A look up at the Empire State building from the bus tour, Midtown Manhattan, New York City, October 5th 2014 (Mellisa Elliott, Digital Photography Blog)

The sun shines bright right over the Flatiron building, 175 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, October 5th 2014 (Mellisa Elliott, Digital Photography Blog)
When we hopped off the bus on 50th, just down the block from the Rockefeller, we ran into a Pulaski Day Parade (a Polish Memorial Parade) that stopped traffic, both vehicles and pedestrian. New York is unpredictable. We did make it across the road though, and over to the Rockefeller Center just in time for our class sunset shoot on top of the rock. It is absolutely an unbelievable view from the top. Being able to look out and see all over Central Park (which by the way covers 843 acres) and all the buildings… it’s breath taking.

Panoramic on top of the Rockefeller with the Christer building, Empire State building and the Freedom tower, October 5th 2014 (Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography Blog)

A look out to towards Central Park from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, New York, October 5th 2014. (Mellisa Elliott, Digital Photography Blog)
Paige Bertholds poses under the castle 
at the Disney store in Time Square, 
October 5th 2014 
(Mellisa Elliott, Digital Photography Blog)
Once we finished watching and shot the sunset, we headed down to Time Square. And my gosh, that is one crazy place to end up. So much is constantly going on, all the billboards and lights and people. We (Paige & Mellisa) had to pop into the Disney store (how can you go to Time Square and not pop into the Disney Store?). It was a quick shop at the Disney store, then we were on our way to a late dinner.

Best of the Best Sampler The Hook, 
Line and Sinker is one of the deserts 
offered at Bubba Gump Shrimp
 in Time Square, October 5th 2014 
(Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography Blog)
Bubba Gump was the dinning place of choice this evening. It’s a wonderful place to dine, busy but well worth any wait.  They have license plate signs on each table: a blue one says ‘Run Forrest Run’, which tells the waiters you don’t need anything, but a red one says ‘Stop Forrest Stop’, which makes it mandatory for any free waiter to stop and ask what you need.

We had a really great waiter who always came back to make sure we were doing well (no matter which way our signs were flipped).

Mellisa Elliott with our great waiter
Juan James at Bubba Gump Shrimp.
(Paige Bertholds, Digital Photography Blog)
After dinner, we stepped out into the middle of Time Square and photographed our surroundings. Between the people and traffic and billboards, there was just so much to be photographed, so many different shots to be captured by all of us.  All and all, it was a great day. It allowed for us to find our own ways and places and bring ourselves out into the wild word of New York. We truly did learn to roam in New York.

A few more shots from some of the days' activities.

A look up at the moving billboards in Time Square, October 5th 2014 (Mellisa Elliott, Digital Photography Blog)
Els and Bisi line up photos in Times Square (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Will Larocque is dwarfed by a giant American flag while he composes a photo in Times Sqaure. (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Some of the Super Heros in Times Square, New York City.  
The inside of the gigantic B+H camera superstore, where the group explored the endless supply of photography goods. (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Katie Tremblay, Jessica Dillon and Richard Beland listen to our host at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, a treasure trove of music industry photographic art.  (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Flags hang in front of the Empire State building as the group travels the streets of Manhattan. (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Men play Chinese Chess in a park filled with Sunday activities, in China town.  (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
A geometric reflection pattern on Manhattan buildings. (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)
Just one more for Will…..Spiderman poses with program Coordinator Richard Beland as he tries to recruit the super hero photographer to our program.  (Dave Chidley Lambton Digital Photography)

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