Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Beginning

Editor's note: As our program saw our first graduates and witnessed our first story ending, we now start a new beginning with our largest class yet.  A class of 28 eager new beginnings.  I asked first-year student Cassidy Crowe to reflect on her feelings as the group starts the school year. 

The Beginning
by Cassidy Crowe

Like some or most students graduating high school, I had a perfect plan of what my future looked like.  A short time before my graduation, on the other hand, I didn't see it quite that simply. I guess I should state that I am a type A personality. I structure my life years in advance, and when I do something, I always do it to my full ability. I am an overachiever too, so when planning my post secondary education, I was totally prepared for what was coming my way. So I thought

As of this time last year, I had accepted a full-ride scholarship to play NCAA Division One basketball at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. I had dedicated my life to the game, and had finally reached my goal since I was just a little kid a scholarship to play ball in the States. I finally did it. All my hard work paid off! What I didn't see coming my way was that I would change my mind just months after accepting the offer.

Meanwhile, I had discovered another passion in my life. Photographing people. I realized I found a similar feeling when I had a camera in my hand, compared to when I had a ball in my hand. It just felt right. I started small, just photographing family Christmases, family friends with their little ones, you know, basically any one who asked me to take photos for them. I soon found that more and more people were asking. My skill base was expanding and my photographs became more appealing and I thought to myself: I could turn this into something great.

After a while of thinking to myself, and just months before graduation, I realized that maybe the scholarship wasn't for me. I was ready to commit to my family, spend time with those who I had missed through years of basketball consuming my life. That call was pretty difficult, and the college wasn't very pleased, but I knew in my heart I made the right decision. And then, I went into action. How can I educate myself and pursue my love of photography at the same time?
Little did I know the answer was right in front of me the whole time. Lambton College, my friends!

After doing my research, I soon found that this program was a perfect fit for me. A combination between the instructors, the structure and being close to home, it was barely a question if it was where I needed to be. Like any new experience, nerves and timidness came with the start of the school year. It didn't take long to see that this program is filled with wonderful creative minds that are here to do the same thing that you are. Comforting, and a great place to learn what I love.

I cant wait to see my future after this program. I know it is setting me up for success in the work field and is armouring me with what I need to distinguish myself from the other photographers in the business. Needless to say, I made the right decision. I am anxious to see the result after these two years, as well as the friends and experiences that come along with it.

Our new students gather together for a group photo in the studio as they get started on their journey together.  photo Dave Chidley

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