Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exposing the Sarnia harbour

By Jodi Tamminga

Kali Courtis lines up a shot, photo by Sarah Scheible
It was a bright, clear, sunny September morning. We started it off as an eager group of First Year Students at Paddy’s, excited and ready to start our “on-location” shooting class at the harbour. With a lesson on Metering under out belts, we burst through the back doors, ready for action. It wasn’t long before we were practicing proper light metering and achieving correct exposures. This on-location class was a great experience for us all, as we learned a lot in relation to our cameras.

We were put into small groups, with each group having one incident meter. We spent our class time experimenting with different exposures, shutter speeds, and ISOs. It was a great experience, and we were all learning how to better understand our cameras.

 Leading lines of building and dock, photo by Sarah Scheible

We were nearing the end of our class time, and some students had already slipped on back to the college. A few stragglers were wandering near the end of the harbour, taking the final pictures of the trip. We were squeezing in as much shooting time as we possibly could, before heading off to English class. The photo opportunities were endless, but there was one by which everyone was intrigued; the Griffon, a Coast Guard Light Ice-breaker. We snapped many pictures of this magnificent boat, it was enthralling; a photography student’s dream. Little did we know, our dream was about to become an even better reality.

Detail, abstraction of a rusty chain. Photo by Emily Hussey
Amongst ourselves, we had decided that it was just about time to start heading back to  chool, as much as we wished we could stay all day. As we were planning our departure, the crew of THE boat were calling to us, offering us a tour. What could we say? Of course we would like a tour!

We followed our leaders Karyna Lortie and Chris Steeves all around the huge boat, as they told us the functions and features of the boat. Karyna gave us explanations to different parts of the boat as we went along. It was very fascinating to see the different parts and areas of a ship. This coast guard ship was amazing! We were given a fantastic tour of the boat, and its decks. It was interesting for us to see what life is like within the walls of the Griffon; everything from sleeping quarters and washing machines to the kitchen and living space. We ended our tour with a visit to Captain Ronald Gallant. It was certainly a great experience to meet the captain of such a large boat. He gave us a brief talk on what the boat does, and how it functions. Karyna brought out some photo boards that she created from some of their trips. We loved being able to see the photos of the crew in action.

We would like to send out a huge thank you to the crew and captain of the ship for providing us with such an amazing experience! We really appreciate your kindness and willingness to show us around. Thank you!

As an added bonus, photojournalist Glenn Ogilvie of the Sarnia Journal Newspaper, found us making images, and made a great shot of the class "Viewfinders" featuring Emily Hussey getting down low for a unique angle featured on the front page!

And that folks, is the story of our trip to the harbour!

Reflections, lines and strong Colour contrast are featured in a shot of Great Lakes freighter.  Photo by Jodi Tamminga
Details in the Shape and Form of a Great Lakes freighter.  Photo by Jodi Tamminga
Strong graphic lines featured in a shot of a Great Lakes freighter and grain elevators.  Photo by Jodi Tamminga
Circles, textures on the deck of ship.  Photo by Jodi Tamminga
Andrea Ochoa-Pineda looks for a shot at the harbour.  Photo by Laura McLean
Josiah Tobey lines up his shot at the Sarnia harbour.  Photo by Mack Feltz
Vivid colour contrast on a blue sky day at the Sarnia harbour.  Photo by Jodi Tamminga
Faculty Richard Beland (left) talks with Karyna Lortie and Chris Steeves, crew members of the Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard light Ice-breaker, docked in the Sarnia Harbour.  Photo by Laura McLean 
The work is never done, as a crew member illustrates on the Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard
light Ice-breaker, docked in the Sarnia Harbour.  Photo by Laura McLean 
Larryl Ybanez smiles as she enjoys the view from the deck of the
Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard light Ice-breaker, docked in the Sarnia Harbour.  Photo by Laura McLean 
Faculty/Coordinator Richard Beland puts his artistic eyes to good use on the Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard light Ice-breaker, docked in the Sarnia Harbour.  Photo by Emily Hussey
The class, and Emily Hussey featured on the front page of the Sarnia Journal Newspaper.  Photographed by staff Photojournalist Glenn Ogilvie
After a fantastic tour, some of the class pose with crew member Karyna Lortie on the gang plank of the Griffon, a Canadian Coast Guard light Ice-breaker, docked in the Sarnia Harbour.  Photo by Larryl Ybanez 

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