Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Year Bus Trip to Toronto

Big news! The first year students from the Digital Photography program will be able to participate in a bus trip to Toronto on November 7. The trip, in conjunction with the Ceramics courses, is voluntary (not a required element of the History of Photography and Art course) but most students will want to go to see the Royal Ontario Museum, where we hope to have a session with the chief photographer of the ROM about photography of exhibits and shows. There will also be a couple hours to view the museum.

The afternoon stop is at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where there will be two attractions. The first is the Alex Colville exhibition: a retrospective of the recently deceased east coast artist (who will be covered in detail in the History of Photography and Art course). It was this exhibition that spurred us to offer the trip in the first place. Colville’s paintings are Realism, and should inspire photographers.

But there is more. It turns out that at the same time there will be a Michelangelo exhibition containing a few of his sketches. This is the guy who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling and carved the famous statue of David. This is a fairly small exhibition of 28 of the Master’s sketches and presentation drawings. These sketches are nearly 500 years old!

And to make it even a busier afternoon, the Gallery has other magnificent art to look at including the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson galleries, a photography gallery, and works by Rubens, Degas, C├ęzanne, Money, Sisley and van Gogh.

The cost of the trip is $90, and this includes a charter bus. It will leave the college at 7:35 am on Friday, Nov. 7 and will return to the college at 8:45 pm. Guests are allowed so you can bring a significant other (or even an insignificant other).

You are generally allowed to take pictures in the ROM, but not in the AGO in the afternoon. Therefore I recommend that you only use a cell phone camera, because they will want to check your camera if you walk into the AGO with it.

The trip is not limited to first year students (I know some second years or grads will complain that they didn’t get a trip in the past). Just make sure that you clear your absence with your instructors. Grads and others are welcome as well. Contact Don McCahill at E209F to get an application form. Make sure you get your payment in by October 24 if you want to come.

Don McCahill -- Instructor: History of Photography and Art

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