Sunday, August 31, 2014

The End

Editor's note: One more in our series of student blog entries.  You will hear and see images from our students themselves: their thoughts and reflections on the course, their work, and the work of others. Come back often to see what is happening in the Lambton Digital Photography program.

The End 
by Sarah DiDonato

Well we are here at the end of our journey together, and I have to say I am so sad to see everyone off. I still remember the first day walking in to the studio and sitting down at one of the tables.  We sat in a circle and Richard introduced himself to us. I was so scared to be back as a student.  I’ve never really done well with school and being in the working force for so long I was a little afraid, but little did I know how amazing these last two years would be and how close we would all become; none of us knew that we would end up becoming a little family.

Sarah (on the right) with some of the
 students from our very first class, during field study in NYC.
photo by Richard Beland
Being the first group to go through this new program at Lambton has been challenging, but we have not let that get us down. We have all done some amazing and unforgettable work. The studio was like our second home. As I said before, school has never been very easy for me, and finding friends has been equally hard. But since day one, everyone was so welcoming, friendly and supportive, it makes me humbled that I was lucky enough to have such wonderful people in my classes.

Now to our teachers: our teachers are so amazing! They are so educated, supportive and compassionate. They would help us any way they could. They pushed us to be better and to make sure we came out of this program ready for real life challenges and they showed us how important it is to be professional at all times. I came in to this program never having touched a DLSR camera before, and now I have a piece of my work forever in Lambton College Art archives. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to be part of the first round of people through this program and to have had such amazing teachers.

I am so proud to see all my classmates become the amazing photographers we are today.  I’ve enjoyed seeing how much we have all excelled. The work we have all put out is incredible. You can tell there is so much passion, emotion and hard work put in to everyone’s pictures. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. It has been a pleasure working with such wonderful teachers and classmates. I wish you all the best for a bright future!

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