Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Front Page photo

Angela Smolders who just graduated from the Lambton College Digital Photography program has her photography featured in today's National Post newspaper.  You will find her photos on the Front page and page 3!  As well as additional images on their website (link below).

The images are of members from the Lev Tahor Jewish sect, who have been in the national news over allegations of child neglect.  While in Guatemala Angela spotted individuals who appeared to be those who fled from Canada and photographed them in the small village where they have relocated.

Angela showed great photojournalistic instincts that led to the national newspaper following her lead and assigning two reporters to investigate the story that accompanies the images.

Great work by our Dean's Honour list grad! Way to go!

An interesting twist is that both Lambton faculty Dave Chidley's Canadian Press images, and Lambton student Angela Smolder's exclusive images appear with the article.

Link to the Online Story and Additional Photos

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