Monday, April 7, 2014

"Moments" - Carolyn Grayson guest speaker

By Christina Duizer

We had the opportunity to travel the world, without leaving our seats, with the help of travel photographer and Lambton College faculty, Carolyn Grayson.

Through a slideshow of hundreds of photos, Carolyn showcased her passion, dedication and talent for travel, nature and landscape photography.

As she recounted her amazing adventures you could see the pure joy that photography brings and it opened up our minds to the wide range of possibilities of photography.

Carolyn provided a few of her own insights into photography such as try and look for new and different perspectives, be patience and wait for the “moment” and most importantly, get out there and see the world for all its beauty, even in your own backyard! 

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, photo by Carolyn Grayson

Hawk Eye, photo by Carolyn Grayson

Ice Crystals,  photo by Carolyn Grayson

Juvenile Eagle, photo by Carolyn Grayson

Sedona Arizona, photo by Carolyn Grayson

Snowy Owl, photo by Carolyn Grayson

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