Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scripted Emotion - from photographs

The second year Digital Photography students have collaborated with Lambton College Writers' Forum and the SAC (student administrative council) on the 2014 Writers' Forum project!

The project is a contest just for the students of Lambton, called SCRIPTED EMOTION.

Each image, is designed to evoke strong emotions. The task is to write what you feel from the image, using only the customary Twitter-sized amount of 140 characters to do this - either in a rhyme or regular prose. What comes of this is an aphorism expressing emotion.

There are 10 photos. Please take a look at each and then choose one or two (or more) to write about. We're accepting Tweet-sized aphorisms (that's prose or poetry under 140 characters). Any style.

Top prize is $200. Second is $100 and third is $50.

Give it a try! Send your contributions to With the photograph number.  Lambton College students, past and present, are eligible to win.

These 10 photographs created by the Digital Photography students are also on display in the SAC lounge.  

The Writers' Forum are the judges for the contest and we will choose the top three aphorisms. All three winners receive Lambton Mall bucks: 1st prize - $200, 2nd prize - $100 and 3rd prize - $50.

Contest closes April 7, 2014.

Photo #8
Photo #1

Photo #3 

Photo #10
Photo #5

Photo #2

Photo #4

Photo #7

Photo #6

Photo #9

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