Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clara's Big Ride

Canadian six-time Olympian Clara Hughes was greeted by hundreds of people as she rode into Lambton College Tuesday evening.

Clara Hughes is greeted by hundreds of people as she ride into Lambton College. Photo by Karah Schultz
Lambton College in Sarnia was the fifth stop for Clara's Big Ride for Bell Let's Talk, that will eventually visit 95 communities on the 12,000 kilometre journey, raising awareness about mental health.

Clara Hughes waves to the crowd as she arrives at Lambton College.  Photo by Spencer Drake
Lambton College held it's Mental Health Day to coincide with Clara's Big Ride.
College President Judy Morris and City of Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley welcomed Hughes, who was touched by the response she received. Clara's Big Rider for Bell Let's Talk and Lambton College are encouraging everybody in the Sarnia-Lambton Community to join the conversation about mental health and help end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Lambton College President Judy Morris welcomes Clara Hughes to Lambton.  Photo by Spencer Drake
Lambton Digital Photography students Raeven Ramirez, Karah Schultz and Spencer Drake captured the arrival and events, enjoying the opportunity to record the local stop of the National event.

A smiling Clara Hughes reacts to the welcome she receives.  Photo by Spencer Drake

Clara Hughes mingles with the crowd, signing autographs and speaking with those who came out to support her cause. Photo by Karah Schultz

L-R Lambton College President Judy Morris, Olympian Clara Hughes, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley and Student Ben Borsa.  Photos by Karah Schultz

Clara Hughes signs an autograph for a supporter.  Photo by Raeven Ramirez
Clara Hughes speaks to the crowd about her Ride and cause.  Photo by Raeven Ramierez

Clara Hughes expresses how touched she is by the crowd of support she received at Lambton College.  Photo by Raeven Ramierez

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  1. Hope is truly the driving force in us all. Finding someone you believe in, and who believes in you, braids that hope into success.


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