Saturday, February 8, 2014

Focused On Photography

Editor's note: In the following weeks, you will hear and see images from our students themselves: their thoughts and reflections on the course, their work, and the work of others. Come back often to see what is happening in the Lambton Digital Photography program.

Focused On Photography
By Fera Kennedy

One of the reasons I decided to join the Digital Photography program at Lambton College was because quite blatantly… I can’t draw. Sounds a little silly, but it’s true. However, given all the things I’ve learned in terms of lighting, Photoshop, subject matter, photography (of course) and just art in general, I am now able to begin pursuing all of the crazy concepts and ideas that dare enter my mind. This being my last semester of the DPH program, I am finally able to concentrate on all things me, and what better way to push myself into that chaos than having to produce my own gallery showcasing my photography. This is a pretty big deal for me. I really just want people to get it… you know, like, REALLY get it.
I have thought long and hard about what my niche market is, what inspires me, who I am, what I’m capable of and where I want to go with all of this photography business, and it all comes down to conceptual art. I want to make the viewers’ minds bend a little when observing my photographs. So where does all this reflection leave me? Books of course! The only thing I have on my mind more than photography happens to be literature, and what better way to pursue my dreams and aspirations than to combine myself and my two loves into a sort of ménage-a-trois?
So far, I have made a list of about 15 different perceptions and inspirations of photo compilations and art to create with photography for one of my largest assignments. Last week, I put together an image of an invisible suited man flipping through a book. This week, I began with a floating little girl with a book in hand. Each shoot so far, as well as each to come, requires plenty of planning and organization to render the perfect final product. These photographs I’m creating require knowledge that covers everything I have learned in this program starting from day one (from lighting to just plain old critical thinking). Given the time frame to master all of these works, there is no juncture for do overs or mess-ups of any kind. Although these photographs take massive amounts of time, effort, concentration, problem solving and creativity, I must say it’s truly a labour of love and I wouldn’t prefer to be doing anything else! 
Once I’m finished my series of photographs in the coming weeks, I want each of the images to have the same relation that books have. In a broad sense, I want people to feel mystery, excitement and curiosity... If I do my job correctly, my photographs will tell a story just as well as any best-selling author could. Plainly and simply, I wish one day to be the George Orwell or Oscar Wilde of photography, starting here at Lambton. Those who are interested in my journey as an aspiring photographer can follow me on Facebook at Fera Elise Kennedy Photography. 

Model Arwen does her best to "fly" for concept shoot in the Lambton Digital Photography Studio.
photo by Fera Kennedy

Instructor Dave Chidley assists with model Arwen during "Floating Girl" shoot.
photo by Fera Kennedy

Final conceptual image of "Floating Girl" by Fera Kennedy

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  1. Great job Fera. Love that you are incorporating books into your images!


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