Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shooting Stars

Our students have been very busy as the fall semester comes to a close.   Assignments are plentiful and the experiences diverse.  We believe that the best way to learn is by experience and practice.  So we fill our program with as much shooting as we can.

The students are our shooting stars.   In addition to their projects and assignments our students were fortunate to meet and photograph a Canadian sporting super star this week.  The most celebrated Canadian heavy weight boxer of all time, George Chuvalo made a visit to the Lambton Digital Photography studio for a photo shoot.

Students in faculty Lorrie William's Portrait / Wedding photography class joined Lorrie in a commercial shoot for Active Ears hearing aid specialists featuring Mr. Chuvalo squaring off with owner Christine Feige in some play-boxing.   Our first year students got to witness the fun and action packed photo session.

From photographing a Boxing Star in our studio, to Abstract Design and Composition, to a nature field trip, to a New York City field study, the fall semester has been one exciting creative challenge after another for our shooting stars.

The Lambton Digital Photography Studio was packed for a photo shoot with boxer George Chuvalo

Second year students took an active role in the photo session, taking turns capturing the action

Boxing Legend George Chuvaol play boxes with Christie Feige for the cameras

Faculty Lorrie Williams declares Christine the winner much to George's surprise

Capturing George Chuvalo holding Active Ears hearing aids with company owner Christine Feige

A very patient and gracious guest George Chuvalo was photographed for about an hour and gladly met and chatted with students

Student Kaitlyn Eastman thanks George Chuvalo for visiting Lambton Digital Photography and allowing the students to experience a commercial photo shoot. 

International Student Oluwasegun "Bisi" Alawode poses with George Chuvalo who was familiar with Lagos Nigeria, Bisi's home. 

Angela Smolders looks more serious about boxing than George Chuvalo 

Nathena Lightheart lines up a shot during an abstract Design and Composition exercise

Jessica Dillon and Alexa Coupland get down low during an abstract Design and Composition exercise

Casting shadows during an abstract Design and Composition exercise

Christina Duizer and Elizabeth Bosma line up creative angles during an abstract Design and Composition exercise

The Wedding Photography / Portrait class take advantage of the fall colours for a location shooting exercise with a Bride and Groom

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