Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who and Guess Who?

Randy Bachman of The Guess Who
I was assigned by The Canadian Press to cover the Season Opening Gala of the Stratford Festival on Monday and then the Opening of the Rock Opera, Tommy on Thursday evening.  

Both photo shoots involved a lot of red carpet, celebrity smiles and interviews.  These are quick and hectic happenings as the guests and stars make their way into the theatre in a short time frame. 

At the Tommy opening a funny twist on the celebrities occured when Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and Pete Townshend of the Who both attended the opening.  
 Townshend wrote Tommy and was thrilled with the Stratford production.  

Pete Townshend of The Who
The legendary rockers went un-noticed by a group high school aged patrons despite the close proximity.  

Who and Guess Who, really did apply to them!  Stratford openings are always fun shoots, and it looked like the rockers were enjoying themselves too.  

-Dave Chidley, Faculty

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