Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Studio

The Digital Photography Program professors are justly proud of the new studio space that Lambton College built for us when the program opened this fall. The space, which doubles as a learning studio, has chairs and tables on wheels that can be wheeled away when the space is being used for labs. A total of 6 individual studio spaces are available, partitioned by long black curtains (installed this week) can be configured from the lab space. Three of these have wall hooks to hold seamless paper backdrops, or fabric muslins.

It is the sixth space that is the most impressive. Called the Cove by current students in the program, it includes a double cyclorama on the junctions between the walls of the corner, and the walls and the floor. This is a curved piece of fiberglass that eliminates the visual line of the joint, making a seamless background for photo shoots.

And Richard Beland, coordinator of the program, has allowed first year students to make use of the space. (In many other programs, only second year students are allowed to use all the facilities). As a result, several groups of students have taken advantage of the Cove to do photo shoots, and as assignments from the various photography related classes in the program increase this will grow.

In the photo above, Jeff McCoy is the photographer, Shelbie Hensel is the model, and Megan Dunn is the assistant. The photo was taken by a fourth student, Geri Freeborn. The three students photographed spent three or four hours in the studio. There is nothing that warms the heart of a professor more than seeing students this dedicated to their chosen field.

The Digital Photography program at Lambton thanks the Facilities Department including Paul Mantle and Brent Thomas for their work in making our space happen.

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