Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Software from Adobe

A few students have reported trouble getting their software from Adobe. You should have Lightroom and Creative Suites 6 on your computer for the first week of class (next week). At the same time you definitely don’t want to order before you get your student number. This, combined with Adobe’s occasional foolishness in accepting your student IDs, may result in problems.

The solution is to download the 30 day trial version of the software. It can take several hours to download (I downloaded 5.5, and 6 may be different). That is with a high speed connection … don’t even try with a dial up connection. If your home only has dial up, come to school and log in here, but be prepared to spend the day. If you have high speed at home, that will give you the best service.

Once you have the trial software installed, you can use it free of charge for 30 days. Be careful not to reset your computer clock during the trial though. People tried doing this in the past to make the 30 days never end … except Adobe was quickly on to them, and made it so that as soon as you try to alter the date, the trial runs out.

And, if you think that you can just run trials over and over again, that will also fail. The only way this can work is if you completely reformat your hard disk … and even that might not work with the new activation processes they use. 

However, the trial is a good way to get started. Once you get the trial you will have a month of access to the programs, allowing you time to get your serial number for either the cloud or full versions of the software. Once you do, all you have to do is enter the activation code into your log in screen, and then you will have a legitimate version of the program. There is no need to uninstall the trial and reinstall the full version.

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