Thursday, April 26, 2012

Software from the Cloud

Suddenly, it all changes.

Until recently, we have been telling students looking to enroll in the Digital Photography program at Lambton College that purchase of Adobe Creative suite 6.0 would be a requirement for completion of the program. At a student cost of $799 ($2599 value) this was a significant chunk of money, especially if you are buying a camera and a computer for the program.

But now there is an option. You can purchase the "Creative Cloud" software for only $29.99 (student pricing) a month on a one year purchase. It appears that the charges will be billed monthly to a credit card, in US dollars (so the number may bounce around a bit with currency rate fluctuations). There is a month-by-month non-educational version, but I suspect that educational will require an annual commitment.

Apparently you can end a yearly commitment early, but only by paying a fee. That is never good news, so I wouldn't recommend planning on ending the second year of the program after 8 months (when term 4 ends). Besides, you will need this software if you are going to being working in the field.

So you have a decision to make. The $799 price gives you the software license eternally. But in two years, there will be a CS7 out, and it will cost about that much to upgrade. If you buy the Cloud, then you will pay $716.76 over two years, and will automatically be upgraded to the new version. You will also be out of school, and the cost will jump to $49.99 a month, so after two more months, you will have paid more for the new software. It is possible to run for several years on software that has been upgraded ... many photographers are still using CS1 to CS3 to this day. That is one reason Adobe is pushing the Cloud. I suspect (personal opinion only) that the Cloud will be the only way available for using Adobe software in two to four years.

Talk it over with your parents or significant others who might be financing you in school. The ability to spread payments out over the two years may make it appealing. Feel free to contact us at the college if you have questions. Details on the offer from Adobe are here. (There is a good FAQ page to look through).

Oh yes, Lightroom is still not included in the Cloud, so you still are going to look at another $89 for purchasing it (at student rates).

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  1. If you happen to be ordering a MAC be sure to ask about C/S6, as I was able to get Creative Suite 6 for $350 direct from Apple..
    Sure beats #799.. Geri


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