Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo of the month

Once we get the Digital Photography program rolling we hope to have a Photo of the Month that will show a truly great image that one of our students takes. Of course, until September it is impossible for us to do this (no students yet, although the applications are starting to roll in).

And even then, for the first year there may be months when a photo just doesn't come in that merits the honor (but we expect in second year the competition will be fierce as our students start to show their chops.)

Therefore, this week we post a photo taken by Jamie Beck, of New York. She owns the copyright to this image, which has been posted extensively across the Internet. We link here to her own site where you can see more of these amazingly creative images.Do go to the site. The full impact of the picture may not appear here on the Blog.

And yes, we do know how to do this, and plan to offer tutorials in the program.

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