Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All About Lambton College

Students are starting to list Lambton College's Digital Photography program as choices for their school destination for September 2012 (it is not too late to get your name in ... just go to www.ontariocolleges.ca to make your choice.

What we find interesting it that of the first 16 names on the list, only one is from Lambton County, with the rest from other parts of the province ... as far away as Oshawa and Barrie. This means many people will not be really conversant with the college, and will live far enough away that a trip to the college will not be a simple task. So we are going to try and bring the college to you, with an aerial tour of the college, courtesy of Google maps.

Later we will do another video tour that takes a look at facilities within the college, but this one just looks at how nicely the college fits into our small city environment.

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