Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to Apply

As we approach the end of 2011, it is time to think about applying to your college choices. You do not apply directly to Lambton College to attend the Digital Photography program here. Instead you want to apply through the OntarioColleges.ca website, which allows you to apply to any of Ontario’s community colleges. You will be able to apply to up to five different programs, with a maximum of three at any one college. You do not have to apply with all five choices.

It is important that you apply before February 1, which is known as the Equal Consideration Date (ECD). This means that any applications in now, or that are added up until that date, will be considered equally (not first come, first served). After that point, colleges will track the date of application, and earlier applicants will be preferred over later ones. This is important in Photography programs, which historically fill up quickly.
Fanshawe, Mohawk, Georgian, Algonquin and the Toronto area colleges tend to fill up by the Equal Consideration Date, or soon after. You may be “wait listed” with these colleges if you apply late, only getting a spot if someone who applied before February decides not to attend. Newer programs like Durham College in Oshawa, which started last year, and Niagara College in Welland, which started a few years ago did not fill by the ECD, but there is no guarantee that this will happen again.

As a brand new program, Lambton’s Digital Photography program is not expected to be full on the ECD, but it still makes sense for you to use Lambton as one of five choices you make, in case you are not selected in any of the other programs. In early December five colleges (Fanshawe, Humber, Seneca, Niagara and Algonquin) all had more than 50 applicants. This is still well under the numbers that will be enrolled in those programs, but there are nearly two more months to enrol.

To learn how to enrol in Lambton and other colleges, select the 22 minute Applicant Tutorial video tutorial on the Apply tab of the OntarioColleges.ca website (in the upper right corner of this page).

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