Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interdisciplinary Project

Wow, those are big words. Really popular ones in education, too. But what they actually mean is people working together from more than one course. Most of the bigger colleges don’t have an opportunity to do this, but Lambton College is small enough that we can.

Here’s an example: our Digital Photography program plans to team up with students from Hairdressing, Esthetician, and Fashion Business to do professional model photography. The models aren’t professional ... yet, but our students work together to help them build a professional style modelling portfolio of photos. The Digital Photography students will compose two members of a team. One will do lighting for the shoot, using the college’s professional lighting equipment. The other will do the photography with his or her digital camera. Both will work on the post shoot processing, retouching the files and color correcting them.

Students from the Hairdressing program will do the model’s hair before the session, and then be on hand during the shoot to make sure that not a hair is out of place. Esthetician students will do the model’s nails and makeup, and again, be at the shoot to do retouching if needed. The Fashion Business students will coordinate the entire affair: help the model choose clothing and accessories for the shoot, scout out locations, and finally they will be stylists for the shoot, helping with posing and other fine details.

This project is one of the special topics that Lambton’s Digital Photography program will offer.

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